Can-look car longer version- 3d printing files


Set of files for Can-look car 3D printing using 35.5cl (diameter 57.5mm x 157mm long) or 33cl (57.5mm x 145mm long) cans

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A slightly longer version of the Can-look car allowing to use large 33.5cl (Redbull * type) cans with a diameter of 57.5mm and 157mm long or 33cl (Perrier * type) with a diameter 57.5mm and 145mm long.

With the Can-look because you will have a beautiful object of decoration reminiscent of race cars of the 50s.

It will easily find its place in your world at home and in the office.

By selecting a can of your favorite beverage and printing the pieces in the colors of your choice you will be assured of a unique and personal model.

Can-look car version longue et Can-look car classique

Files are in stl format

The print settings are to be determined according to your machine.

The prints can be made of PLA or ABS.

Registred model

Lot des pièces imprimées pour la réalisation de la voiture Canlook car de Canlook

In addition to the printed files, to assemble your model you will need:

- Glue (cyano or special plastic)

- 2 round wooden rods or 2 aluminum tubes or 2 carbon tubes with a length of 165mm to create the wheel axles

- 2 aluminum tubes of 210mm for the manufacture of the exhausts

- 1 nail or a screw of 3mm of diameter and 30mm of length for the realization of the axis of the steering wheel

- 1 used can in Mini Long format, diameter 57.5mm x 157mm long, or diameter 57.5mm x 145mm long

Ensemble des pièces imprimées et des accessoires pour la réalisation de la voiture Canlook car

Pièces imprimées de la Canlook car en bleu

Assembling video

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Data sheet

Hauteur 80mm
Largeur 180mm
Longueur 280mm