Canzod Can-look - 3D Print Files


Give life to a beautiful replica of a semi rigid boat from 6 used mini cans and these files for 3d printer!

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Can-look Canzod

Set of files for the realization by 3d printing of a replica of semi rigid boat.

The print settings are to be determined based on your printer.

Ensemble des pièces réalisées en impression 3d pour assembler le Canzod de Canlook

In addition to these .stl files you will need:

- 6 used mini cans (diameter 53mm x 88mm - 15cl)

- 2 logs of wood diameter 6mm and 165mm long

- 1 piece of akilux or thick cardboard to make the bottom of the boat and the bench (standard version of the downloadable plan)

Pièces complémentaires pour le mini bateau Canzod de Canlook

It is also possible to assemble this boat using mini long cans (diameter 53mm x 134mm - 25cl) for the side of the boat.

In this case it will be necessary to use the long version of the downloadable plan to cut the bottom and the bench of the boat

Bateau en canettes usagées Canzod de Canlook


With 15cl cans

Length: 350mm

Width: 220mm

Height: 70mm

With 25cl cans:

Length: 410mm

Width: 220mm

Height: 70mm

Assembling video