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Can-look Airpack plane - Basic Kit

Find the charm of Old School racers!

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With the Airpack Can-look aircraft, instantly plunge into the golden age of aviation and racers with its unique lines!

In your office, your salon or your workshop, the Airpack will display without complex in the purity of its lines.

Avion Airpack Canlook à partir de canettes usagées

In this version you will find all the elements (except the cans) to build the plane.

It will take a few minutes to assemble your Airpack plane.

Can-look rings allow the assembly of the three cans together; thanks to its exclusive concept.

You will also find beautiful pre-assembled wings.

The selection of brands of used beverage boxes will give a unique and personal style to your Airpack!

You can then add many options, such as:

- Classic landing gear

- Seaplane module

- Twin engine kit

- Steel wings

- Wood Wings and empennage

- Exhibition stand



Wingspan: 59cm

Length: 51cm

Height: 19cm


The basic kit includes:

3 Canlook rings with canlock

1 pair of wings

1 cockpit

1 set of drift / stabilizer

1 nose of plane

1 propeller

3 rods in beech (Diameter 8mm, lengths 200mm / 140mm / 40mm)

Pièces de l'avion Airpack de Canlook

In addition you will need:

3 used cans

Can compatibility:

33cl cans (diameter 66mm x 116mm)

50cl cans (diameter 66mm x 178mm)

Airpack assembling video

Data sheet

Hauteur 19cm
Largeur 59cm
Longueur 51cm