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Since the beginnings of Can-look, designing and producing in France has appeared as an obvious. So, by buying decorations or toys Can-look, you support many players in the French economy.

Design & production in France: a reality

At Can-look, all stages from conception to final manufacture of the product are carried out in France. We are very keen to master our chain of design and production in France. As a result, from the genesis of the project, we sought to benefit from local resources for all of our components.

Promote French employment and know-how.

Can-look could have decided to outsource part of its production to Asian countries in order to take advantage of the best production costs, but we have chosen to focus on the French skills and tools that have already proved their worth in many fields. This approach is global and concerns all the components of our toys or models of decoration:

- The molds of the injected parts used to tie the cans are machined in the Jura while the production of the parts themselves is carried out in Burgundy.

- The sails are printed in the same area while the wooden sticks come from Mayenne.

Local work.

By working with local companies, we reduce our transport time to a minimum in order to reduce our carbon footprint, always in an effort to design products that are always more environmentally friendly.

Thus, Can-look products are entirely made in France and we are proud to bear this mention at a time of broad globalization. In this way, by contributing to the Can-look adventure, you support players in the French economy and consume responsibly.

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