Preserve the environment

One of our wishes has always been to design environmentally friendly products. This is done with Can-look since we promote the recycled cans as a main component and much more.

4,7 billion.

This is the number of cans used each year in France, and this figure is steadily increasing. In twenty years, it has increased fourfold from 17 cans per capita per year to nearly 80. As impressive as it may seem, the number of cans consumed each year in the world is not decreasing.

In this way, Can-look takes advantage of this resource to the controversial popularity to make it an essential element to the functioning and the pace of its creations. This metallic object is thus found as a float on the catamaran WindPack or also fuselage of the seaplane. This can, 100% recyclable, then finds a second life allowing anyone, in a few minutes, to create his own toy or model of decoration from elements originally harmful to the environment.

Reusable parts to infinity

These efforts to preserve the environment do not end there. Indeed, Can-look was confronted with the problem of finding a light and resistant material to link the cans that form the backbone of its products. We therefore logically turned to recycled plastic.

Once it has passed into the liquid state, the latter is injected into molds in order to form the pieces that will bind the cans together. Reusable to infinity, these parts can be used just as much for a catamaran as for a seaplane. Moreover, once recovered by our teams, they can be recast to form new parts.

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