The Can-look concept

Designed and developed in Burgundy, the Can-look concept allowed the development of products around two main principles.

Linking used cans to each other

The first one is based on the use of the Can-look ring to combine classic format cans with each other to create unique objects, just like a construction game. Rings are secured by rods in beech and 90° or transverse connection pieces.


A simple & fun mechanism

The Can-look concept gave birth to the Windpack boat. A catamaran sailboat using 6 used cans. Thus with the addition of additional rings it is possible to turn it into a trimaran. On the same principle, Can-look rings are used to create an airplane, a seaplane and many other objects.

Building Can-look products is very simple and requires no tools. Can-look rings are injected with recycled materials and can be recycled themselves.

3D printing

The second concept is called Can-look 3D. As his name suggests, it uses 3D printing. This principle of manufacture being more and more popular, it seemed wise to propose products associating used cans and a process of personal manufacture.

Print what you want

We give you the possibility to download 3D printing files corresponding to the product you want. You choose the color of your filament for each piece, you print them at your own pace, whenever you want.

The advantages of 3D printing are numerous: no loss of material in the manufacturing process thanks to an additive process, individual control of needs, possibility of using biodegradable materials (PLA), reduction of transport costs...

With this innovative concept, you participate in the reduction of our carbon footprint. No more shipping costs, lost packaging, obsolescence of parts.


There is one for all formats

Can-look 3D products use cans of all formats, classic, slim or sleek in their different versions.

Options, extensions are continually developed for more and more customization in order to create unique products.


3D printing on demand

If you do not have a 3D printer yet, we also offer a print-on-demand service for some Can-look 3D products.

Become a creator of Can-look products

You want to design your own products based on 3D printing and used cans? Become a Can-look 3D Developer member and share your creations on!

You can share your creations to a large community of fans while generating an income related to the number of downloads of your model (see terms and conditions for distribution terms).

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